Kodable iOS Update FAQ

If you recently updated Kodable on your iPad, you might have noticed that Kodable looks…a little…different. You’re right! We have spent the last month improving our iOS version of Kodable, and are now happy to present to you the latest changes to Kodable on the iPad.

The Kodable Programming Curriculum is LIVE!

It’s been awhile in the making, but we are proud to announce that the new Kodable Curriculum is now LIVE and can be accessed right from your Kodable Teacher Dashboard!

#KidsCanCode Chat: Programming Concepts for Elementary

I want to start teaching programming, but I don’t know what concepts to cover? What are the most important programming concepts, and how do I teach them? This is our topic of discussion in this week’s #KidsCanCode Education Chat.

#KidsCanCode Chat: Funding My Coding Dreams

We all have a technology wish list…but where to find funding? In this #KidsCanCode Chat we not only add to your wish list (unintentionally, I swear), but we come up with some great ideas for fundraising, finding grants, crowdfunding, and getting the $$$ you need.

#KidsCanCode Chat: Squeezing Coding into My Curriculum

In this week’s chat we are joined by special guest moderator @tcarey98, who is here to chat about inquiry-based coding activities, making coding an ongoing project, and encouraging students to dive deeper into coding.