#KidsCanCode Chat: How Can I Integrate Coding with Math?

This week we discussed the ways that we can integrate coding with math! We covered what math concepts overlap with computer science, shared our favorite programming/math combo projects, and gave our best suggestions to others based on what we have learned from our own experiences.

#KidsCanCode Chat: Learning to Code Alongside My Students

We are teaching our students to code, but how can we simultaneously pick up some programming knowledge ourselves? This week, we discussed the best ways to learn the coding concepts we are teaching, both inside and outside the classroom.

This Week in #KidsCanCode: Aligning Coding with the Common Core

“I want to introduce technology and coding to my lesson plans, but I am not quite sure how to align this with the Common Core State Standards?” This is a common question for many teachers, and often half the battle is finding the right resources to make this possible. In last night’s #KidsCanCode chat, we discussed a number of resources to help guide teachers in properly aligning their curriculum with the Common Core. Here are some of the resources we came across.

#KidsCanCode Chat: Debugging the Gender Gap

In this week’s edition of #KidsCanCode we teamed up with @CODEfilm to discuss the ways we can debug the gender gap and help girls overcome the cultural barriers they face in CS and STEM fields. We also chatted about the likelihood of a future Disney Princess Coding Movie. 🙂

#KidsCanCode Chat: Debugging My Coding Lesson Plan

What did we talk about in this week’s #KidsCanCode chat? Well, we discussed our greatest success/failures from last year’s coding lesson plans , outlined what we learned, and set goals for the changes we plan on making going into the new school year! 🙂

#KidsCanCode News: Using Classroom Tech Effectively

A collection of this week’s best #KidsCanCode articles showcasing student achievement in computer science and STEM fields, as well as helpful resources for those who teach them. 🙂