#KidsCanCode Chat: Programming Concepts for Elementary

I want to start teaching programming, but I don’t know what concepts to cover? What are the most important programming concepts, and how do I teach them? This is our topic of discussion in this week’s #KidsCanCode Education Chat.

Learn to Code: New Sequence Activity

Teach your students the fundamentals of sequence with our new fuzzFamily Fever activity! Worksheets and directions are included and available for download below. Happy coding!

#KidsCanCode Chat: Funding My Coding Dreams

We all have a technology wish list…but where to find funding? In this #KidsCanCode Chat we not only add to your wish list (unintentionally, I swear), but we come up with some great ideas for fundraising, finding grants, crowdfunding, and getting the $$$ you need.

#KidsCanCode Chat: Squeezing Coding into My Curriculum

In this week’s chat we are joined by special guest moderator @tcarey98, who is here to chat about inquiry-based coding activities, making coding an ongoing project, and encouraging students to dive deeper into coding.