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Educator Identity

#KidsCanCode Chat: Educator Identity

We all come from different educational backgrounds, teach many subjects, and have varying responsibilities–but we do have one thing in common. We all teach CS/programming! Let’s chat about our roles as CS educators.

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#KidsCanCode Random Questions Chat

#KidsCanCode Chat: Random Programming Questions Chat

This week, it was time again for our favorite chat– Random Questions Chat! In this edition of #KidsCanCode we cover programming concepts, resources, unplugged activities, and PD.

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Kodable Programming Curriculum for Elementary

Introducing the Kodable Programming Curriculum

In 2014, we heard a lot of awesome feedback from the Kodable Community about how to make Kodable even better. You spoke, we listened, and we are now thrilled to introduce the new Kodable Programming Curriculum.

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The Best of Coding Chat

#KidsCanCode Chat: The BEST of Coding Chat

In this week’s chat, we share the BEST of everything! The BEST coding activities, BEST unplugged activities, BEST blogs, BEST paired programming activities, and so much more. 🙂

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Kodable: Programming Curriculum for Kids

Kodable Class is Now Just…Kodable!

Starting November 28th, Kodable Class will no longer be available in the App Store, and ALL Kodable Class subscribers, including those on School Plans, will need to migrate to the Kodable App.

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#KidsCanCode Random Questions Chat

#KidsCanCode Chat: Random Questions Chat

I hope that you fastened your seat belt for this week’s chat! In this latest edition of #KidsCanCode Chat, we answered everyone’s most pressing coding questions, and covered a TON of topics including everything from Ozobots, to Middle School programming activities, to encouraging authentic reflections.

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Sharing Tech in the Classroom

#KidsCanCode Chat: Sharing Tech in the Classroom

What do I do if my school is not 1:1? What are the best ways to go about sharing digital devices? This week in #KidsCanCode Chat, we answer these questions, and discuss the pros and cons of sharing classroom technology.

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Tips and tricks to improve your Kodable Programming Curriculum

Kodable Life Hacks: ‘Getting Started’ YouTube Playlist

I have a confession to make. This is very hard for me to admit now, but I didn’t always complete the assigned reading when there was a movie available. 😯 Well, now we are letting you off the hook and giving you the same option with Kodable.

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We need to change the way we teach math to include computer science and coding

#KidsCanCode Chat: How Can I Integrate Coding with Math?

This week we discussed the ways that we can integrate coding with math! We covered what math concepts overlap with computer science, shared our favorite programming/math combo projects, and gave our best suggestions to others based on what we have learned from our own experiences.

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