Kodable Webinar: How Do I Use My Teacher Account?

Did you miss the Kodable Webinar and still want to learn more about how to use and manage a Teacher Account?  Watch our instructional webinar here!  During this session we cover:

  • Creating an account
  • Creating classes
  • Adding students
  • Managing levels
  • Tracking student progress
  • Utilizing Kodable Learning Guides

We also update you on Kodable’s latest features, as well as those that are coming soon.  Check it out! 🙂

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Join Our Kodable Webinar

Enroll in a Kodable Free Teacher Account to manage your students.

On Wednesday, August 13th @ 10am PDT, we will be hosting an instructional webinar to help you set up and organize your Kodable Teacher Account. Learn how to add classes or students, create differentiated lesson plans, and familiarize yourself with our latest features.  Additionally, we will answer any questions you may have going into the new school year.

RSVP to the Kodable Webinar on our Google Event Page.

Respond yes to Kodable Webinar on Google Event Page
Respond Yes to the Kodable Webinar on our Google Event Page

The webinar will be broadcasted over Google Hangouts On Air, and you can submit any questions you want answered on our Webinar Google Event Page.

Submit your questions on the google event page
Submit Your Questions on our Webinar Google Event Page

Hope to see you then!