Kodable Road Tour: Day 5

Today, the Kodable Tour stopped in Greater New York, where we visited two awesome schools that shared with us all the progress they have made in their coding curriculum. Oh yea..and they helped us learn a few things as well. 🙂

First Stop: Highland Falls Intermediate School

What we learned: bugs happen; it’s okay to talk about them.

We used the web version of Kodable during our first session with Kristen Magyar, and discovered an issue with the way the cursor was appearing on their desktop computers. The graphics cards were having issues rending the cursor correctly and there was a bit of a lag. Naturally, the kids clicked furiously in an effort to get the mouse working correctly.

This was a great moment to have a discussion about bugs, why they happen, and how we can react to them. After talking about the bug, students showed great patience and everything worked well. We were fortunate to have a few iPads available as a back up for the students who didn’t want to continue with the issue.

When the second group came in, we talked about the bug with them before they got started. This made things work much smoother and they showed great patience while working with the issue.

Take away – If you discover a bug, talk with students about it. Turn what could be a stressful situation in to a learning opportunity. You can model patience and good trouble shooting behavior for the students, as well as discuss it with students to prevent impatience before it starts.

Favorite Moment: I had a great conversation with the 5th graders at Highland Falls Intermediate School about creating an app, how to get started, and some other technical questions.

It was a lot of fun to discuss this with them, and see their eagerness and excitement at the idea of creating technology for others to use.

The future: Kristen Magyar and the team at Highland Falls are moving more into coding next year. She already has students thinking about vocabulary with words like “loops” and their definitions written all around her lab. The principal is very supportive as the technology team begins increasing the amount of coding done at Highland Falls.

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After a quick lunch, we scooted over to Lakeland schools to visit Linda Brandon.

Second Stop: Benjamin Franklin Elementary

What we learned: Smooth Transitions – brought to you by explanations.

When you go in to someone’s classroom it is a lot like visiting someone’s home. I feel a bit like I’m imposing, and want to be polite and do things “their” way. This always stopped me from being decisive about how to transition from a lesson to iPad time. Every class has their own way of handing out the iPads and giving sign on instructions. However, it usually ends up getting a bit chaotic if I don’t review how to get signed on to Kodable with the students.

On this trip, I’ve learned I can ask a few review questions before saying the magical word (iPad) that sends everyone in to frenzy and make the lesson-to-iPad transition go easily. They’re listed below, and work like a charm!

What app will we be using? (Kodable)

What does the icon look like? (Yellow with a blue fuzz)

What do we do when Kodable opens? (Press play)

Do we press play if we don’t see our name on the play button? (No)

How do we switch? (Press the button with people on it “Switch Profiles”)

What do we press next? (Our class name)

What do we press when we see the list of names? (Our name)

Favorite moment: It’s always fun to see how much students learn in a small amount of time during our coding sessions, but to people who haven’t seen the power of coding with a live class of students it can really have an impact. There were a lot of visitors in our session at Benjamin Franklin. People from all over the district were there to learn and watch our session. I loved seeing the recognition of how much learning was happening when “playing” coding.

Thanks to Linda for creating this awesome Animoto!

The future: Everyone in the Lakeland school district is interested in coding. It was wonderful to see so much support coming from district administrators. People came from a variety of schools and positions to watch our sessions, and were eager to learn more about implementing coding.

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What a day! Keep reading to learn more about our adventures on Day 6. 🙂

Kodable Class is Now Just…Kodable!

Kodable: Programming Curriculum for Kids

Kodable was founded to make programming accessible to everyone. We want more kids learning to code by making it a fun and inviting experience. To ensure we are meeting that goal, we constantly seek and listen to feedback from you, our users.  After listening to your suggestions over the past several months and with a web version of Kodable on the horizon, we have decided to retire Kodable Class from the App Store, and migrate the features to Kodable. Streamlining all of Kodable into one great app that EVERYONE can use.

As we prepare to release Kodable on Web, Android, etc, having one app will make more sense and make things consistent for students no matter where they choose to access Kodable.

Starting November 28th, Kodable Class will no longer be available in the App Store, and ALL Kodable Class subscribers, including those on School Plans, will need to migrate to the Kodable App.  All of your info will migrate just by entering your class codes or following the migration instructions, so you don’t need to worry about losing it.

Join us for a Migration Webinar November 19th. 

To ensure a smooth transition, we’re hosting a short webinar on November 19th at 10am PST. See what time that is for you, here. We’ll walk through the steps for migrating to Kodable, and answer any questions you have about the process. If you can’t make it, check back here for a recording.

To migrate in under 5 minutes take a look at our migration guide here! 

Kodable Class      RightArrow-ipadhd   KodableAppIcon

What does this mean for you? 

If you are using Kodable, not Kodable Class or Kodable Pro: Nothing will change!

If you are using Kodable Class with a Class account: When you have time over the next couple months you should install Kodable on your iPads instead of Kodable Class. You’ll only need one app from that point on! 🙂  All of your info will migrate just by entering your class codes, so you don’t need to worry about losing it.

If you are using Kodable Pro without a Class account: We’ve submitted a final update that will have all the migration information in it. It will be available as soon as Apple approves it. All of your info will migrate just by following the migration instructions, so you don’t need to worry about losing it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happens after Kodable Class is removed from the App Store on the 28th?

A: If you have Kodable Class on your iPad, it will NOT be removed from the device. However, you will no longer receive future updates to Kodable, and the Kodable Class app will not get future content. Furthermore, if the app is deleted from your device, you will not be able to download it again.

Q: I really like Kodable Class! Why do I need to switch?

A: As we add a web version, Android version etc, Kodable will need to offer students and educators one, consistent learning experience. The features of Kodable Class are NOT going away, they are simply being integrated into Kodable, so you only need one app, with a simple, streamlined experience.

Q: How do I transfer my students who aren’t in a class, but have a profile on the iPad only?

A: It is very easy! Please see our migration guide here.

Q: I am a Kodable Pro user, what happens for me?

A: You can easily transfer your progress and keep all of the levels. See page 2 of the Migration Guide.

Q: I don’t want to download another app, do I have to?

A: No, you can continue using Kodable Class as before. However, you will NOT receive any future updates after the 28th of November, and you will NOT receive any future content that comes with them. Furthermore, if the app is deleted from your iPad, you will NOT be able to download it again, and will need to get Kodable.

Q: I have a lot of iPads, I can’t get around to updating them before the 28th! Help!

A: If you cannot update by the 28th, don’t worry, the app will still work on your iPads as before. However, you should update as soon as possible to ensure you get future updates and content. .

Q: Can someone from Kodable help me?

A: We will be hosting a quick webinar on November 19th to explain the entire migration process in detail and answer questions. Even if you can’t make it on the 19th, it will be recorded so you can watch it whenever it’s convenient. Check back here for the recording.

Q: What do I do if I created a class, but also have students who aren’t in a class that I want to transfer?

A. To transfer your class, you just need to enter your class code on Kodable like you did in Kodable Class. To transfer the students who aren’t in a class follow directions on page 2 of the Migration Guide.

If you have specific questions, feel free to email us at support@kodable.com

Enroll in a Kodable Education Plan

Kodable: Programming Basics for Kids 5+

Here at Kodable HQ, we enjoy the occasional complexities in life, but we mostly prefer to keep things simple.  Sound familiar? 🙂  

After a year of talking with teachers using Kodable in their classrooms, we discovered that we needed to rework our approach to coding education, and fashion a programming curriculum that is equally as beneficial for students, but easier for teachers to manage.

Well, we ran back to the lab, performed some tests, and created plans to meet the needs of educators using Kodable!  Kodable Education Plans are available in every version of Kodable, and provide teachers with the proper tools to better serve their students and adequately manage programming curriculums in their school.  We have created plans to help you use Kodable with your students at your comfort level: Free Kodable Teacher, Kodable Class, and Kodable School.

Kodable Teacher Accounts

Make the Most of your Programming Curriculum with Personalized Lesson Plans:

Kodable Teacher Accounts are free and enable you to easily monitor and cater to an individual student’s needs, allowing for a more effective classroom coding experience.  You can create a Kodable Teacher Account within Kodable or here!  Then just log in on the app to begin using these educational features:

Add students to classes with Kodable

Organize students in classes, and manage student profiles from within the app or on kodable.com.

Introducing Kodable Class

Enroll in a Kodable Education Plan

Organize a Complete Programming Curriculum with Kodable Class

Kodable Class is an app designed specifically for education use, and makes it easier than ever to introduce the basics of programming to your students.  If you previously purchased Kodable Pro, you can be grandfathered into the new Kodable Class plan when you update to version 5.0.

Develop Comprehensive Lesson Plans with Kodable Class Regardless of Your Programming Experience:

Taking the first step towards programming education can be intimidating, especially if you have limited or no programming experience. Kodable Class can help alleviate these fears, providing subscribers with complete access to all of Kodable’s Learning Guides.

Consult the Kodable Learning Guides for:

An Explanation of Kodable’s Basic Coding Concepts •  Recommended Classroom Activities •  Answer Keys to Every Level

 “I am an Administrator or Technology Instructor, and I want to bring Kodable Class to all of my students”

 Instituting a school-wide programming curriculum? Kodable School Accounts are designed with the unique needs of a school or district in mind.

Kodable Class is designed specifically for teachers and students

Kodable School includes all of the benefits of Kodable Class, as well as upgrades for larger curriculums:

Unlimited Student and Class Profiles • Professional Development from the Kodable Team • Administrator Accessibility – Grant permissions to those who need it at different levels within your school or district (Coming Soon)

Kodable School provides complete access for administrators

Learn More About Kodable Class


Learn More About Kodable School


Or Download the Free Version of Kodable

Download Kodable on the App Store