#KidsCanCode Chat: Sharing Programming With Others

How can I encourage my colleagues to start teaching/facilitating programming? How can I get my whole school coding? We came up with a number of suggestions/potential solutions in this week’s #KidsCanCode Chat.

Kodable Life Hacks: Accessing the #KidsCanCode Chat Archive

Did you miss a #KidsCanCode Chat? Do you have a question that you think we may have answered in one of our #KidsCanCode Chats? Well, I have great news for you…we have an entire archive of our past chats! And they are now super easy to find!

#KidsCanCode Chat: What Are You Doing for the #HourOfCode?

The #HourOfCode is almost upon us! Are you ready? This week we talked about how are preparations are going, potential activities, and our experiences from last year. Oh yea, and how awesome it is!

#KidsCanCode Chat: Structured vs Unstructured Coding Lessons

Joined by guest moderator @JackLawicki, we had a thought provoking discussion about the pros and cons of structured and unstructured coding lessons, and chatted about whether or not we should work to find a healthy balance.

#KidsCanCode Chat: Random Questions Chat

I hope that you fastened your seat belt for this week’s chat! In this latest edition of #KidsCanCode Chat, we answered everyone’s most pressing coding questions, and covered a TON of topics including everything from Ozobots, to Middle School programming activities, to encouraging authentic reflections.

Kodable Life Hacks: ‘Getting Started’ YouTube Playlist

I have a confession to make. This is very hard for me to admit now, but I didn’t always complete the assigned reading when there was a movie available. 😯 Well, now we are letting you off the hook and giving you the same option with Kodable.