10 Things You Can Do In An Hour

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Looking for something to do for an hour? We have put our heads together and come up with a list of 10 great activities you can try!

1. Watch 1/3 of The Hobbit

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2. Listen to 16 covers of Shake It Off

27-taylor-swift-dancing-gifs-from-shake-it-off_bring-it-ontaylor-swift-song-has-this-daddy-and-daughter-groovin-to-the-music image (1)

3. Get your photos developed


4. Post an awesome Facebook status


5. Watch all of the Likes roll in



6. Participate in a Twitter Chat


7. Get a six pack


3-simple-steps-to-getting-6-pack-absgiphy (1)

8. Call your mom



9. Troubleshoot the WiFi network




10. Participate in the Hour of Code!


Yea…we like this idea the best too.

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6 Step Guide to Catching that Back to School Spirit

School is BACK!  Are you ready?  Let’s go ahead and get you fit for your first day so you can get back to school and start the year off right!

Let's get down to business

1. Wake up early, grab a coffee, and get a head start.

Wake up early for the first day

Because we know all too well that this is going to get more difficult…

Get to school early now because it may not always last

2. Fall back in love with your classroom.

I love my classroom!

And everything in it…

Back to school sounds

Including your students!

meet your new students

3. Flaunt your new technology.

We have technology now

Jealous of classroom accessories

(Books are so last century)

Tech teachers don't need all these books

4. Put those amazing lesson plans you spent all summer on into action.

All that work you did over the summer counts now!

Aligning your curriculum to the common core is always a struggle

(Still too soon…we will return to that joke later in the year.)

We can come back to that joke later

5. Get back in your school year routine.

Get used to never being caught up

Don't be afraid to reach out for support

6. But don’t forget to lean on your friends…

We are all in this together!

 And don’t worry…

Don't worry be happy

Because this year is going to be AWESOME!

This year is going to be awesome