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Code Documentary: Debugging the Gender Gap

#KidsCanCode Chat: Debugging the Gender Gap

In this week’s edition of #KidsCanCode we teamed up with @CODEfilm to discuss the ways we can debug the gender gap and help girls overcome the cultural barriers they face in CS and STEM fields. We also chatted about the likelihood of a future Disney Princess Coding Movie. 🙂

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KidsCanCode: Debugging my coding lesson plan

#KidsCanCode Chat: Debugging My Coding Lesson Plan

What did we talk about in this week’s #KidsCanCode chat? Well, we discussed our greatest success/failures from last year’s coding lesson plans , outlined what we learned, and set goals for the changes we plan on making going into the new school year! 🙂

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Kodable Twitter Chat

How to Participate in a #KidsCanCode Twitter Chat

For the past month, I have been hosting a weekly programming education Twitter chat on Tuesdays at 8pm EST called #KidsCanCode. Every week, there are new participants who are unsure about what a Twitter chat is or how to participate in one. So here is a quick guide to Twitter chats!

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