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Creating a Coding Workshop

#KidsCanCode Chat: Creating a Coding Workshop

Organizing a programming workshop may be exactly what you need to get your school excited about programming. In this week’s chat, we talk about what works best, and how to structure your very own coding workshop.

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Coding and Problem Solving

#KidsCanCode Chat: Coding and Problem Solving

When students learn to code, they also learn how to problem solve. In this edition of #KidsCanCode Education Chat, we discuss the importance of practicing problem solving through coding.

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Transitioning to Written Code

#KidsCanCode Chat: Transitioning to Written Code

When should I start teaching my students programming language syntax? How do I transition from programming concepts to written code? We chat about all this and more in this week’s chat!

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Planning a Summer of Code

#KidsCanCode Chat: Planning A Summer of Code

Is it too early to start thinking about summer? Hmmm…we don’t think so! In this week’s #KidsCanCode Chat, we talk all about our coding goals for the summer, including coding camps, clubs, and PD.

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Demystifying Coding

#KidsCanCode Chat: Demystifying Coding

Why is coding often perceived as being overly complicated? What can be done to demystify coding in your school? These are the topics of discussion in this week’s #KidsCanCode programming education chat. 🙂

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Educator Identity

#KidsCanCode Chat: Educator Identity

We all come from different educational backgrounds, teach many subjects, and have varying responsibilities–but we do have one thing in common. We all teach CS/programming! Let’s chat about our roles as CS educators.

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#KidsCanCode Random Questions Chat

#KidsCanCode Chat: Random Programming Questions Chat

This week, it was time again for our favorite chat– Random Questions Chat! In this edition of #KidsCanCode we cover programming concepts, resources, unplugged activities, and PD.

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Measuring Programming Success

#KidsCanCode Chat: Measuring Programming ‘Success’

Often, when programming solutions can be subjective, how do you define success? How do you assess students’ grasp of key programming concepts? This week we discuss how we can best measure programming success.

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Programming Concepts for Elementary

#KidsCanCode Chat: Programming Concepts for Elementary

I want to start teaching programming, but I don’t know what concepts to cover? What are the most important programming concepts, and how do I teach them? This is our topic of discussion in this week’s #KidsCanCode Education Chat.

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