#KidsCanCode 9/8/15: Jumping Coding Hurdles Archive

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Introducing Kodable Teacher of the Week : Episode 1

    Kodable Teacher of the Week Teachers are absolute rockstars and the world doesn’t hear enough about it. We know how hard our teachers …

Learn to Code: New Sequence Activity

Teach your students the fundamentals of sequence with our new fuzzFamily Fever activity! Worksheets and directions are included and available for download below. Happy coding!

How I Taught Myself to Code: Cures for the Common Code

In Part One of our series, I told you about how I came to teach myself programming. In Part Two I detailed exactly how I did it. In this final installment of our 3-part series on teaching yourself to code, I’d like to share some lessons that I’ve learned on my programming journey. Hopefully they can help you learn just a little faster than I did!

How I Taught Myself to Code: Avoiding the Cliff

In the first part of this series I told you about my introduction into the world of programming. Now, I will give you a step-by-step account of exactly what I did to learn, and teach you how to avoid the programming cliff!

How I Taught Myself to Code: Hello World!

There are so many resources out there for “learning to code” these days that it can be next to impossible to know where to start. In this 3-part series, I will share with you my journey from learning to code at 6 to founding Kodable. Hopefully this will inspire your own programming journey!