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Let’s Give Computer Science to 100 Schools!

At Kodable, we believe in the power of computer science. Not only the ability it gives students to be successful in the world, but in the power it has to change the world. Computer Science […]

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Our perspective on “The Gender Gap”

Recently, we announced our Elementary Computer Science Standards, and I made the following statement: More girls are not going to be encouraged to code just from a game. Without the instruction and encouragement of a teacher, […]

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12 Questions on Coding and Startups at Kodable

A couple months ago, one of our longest-tenured Kodable users sent me an email for a student in her class. She wanted to learn more about computer science, problem solving, and startups, and had a […]

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Introducing Elementary Computer Science Standards!

Computer Science has a problem. In the past few years, educators have been hoodwinked by flashy games and deceptive messaging into believing that students could be “taught to code” by letting their students play a game […]

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Coding Your Classroom Culture

Build Classroom Community with Coding Team Builders!

Back to school means old faces, new faces, and getting to know each other in a new classroom community. We know fostering collaboration and building an emotionally supportive environment positively impacts academic achievement and developing […]

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Back to School Chat

#KidsCanCode 8/16/16 Kick Off Coding!

Welcome back everyone! We chatted with teachers all over the United States during the first #KidsCanCode of the fall! Take a look at this week’s #KidsCanCode Chat, moderated by Kodable, to get tips from teachers […]

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Back to School Procedure Hacks Blog Title Image Final Copy

Code your Back to School Procedures!

An elementary classroom without clear procedures for daily routines means chaos. As you head back to school and get your classroom operating like a well-oiled machine, consider including some coding concepts to make it fun and frontload […]

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Teacher to Teacher: Welcome to Kodable Academy!

Our mission has always been (and will always be!) making it as easy as possible to teach programming in elementary school. For us, this means equipping teachers with the  knowledge and understanding needed to teach computer […]

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Full Implementation: Step 4 to Implementing Computer Science in Elementary

This is the final piece of our 4 part series covering each stage of implementing computer science in elementary school, based on thousands of conversations with educators.  Full implementation- it’s go time! You’re ready to […]

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Stage2 Featured

Experimentation: Step 2 to Implementing Computer Science in Elementary

This is part 2 of a 4 part series where we will cover each stage of implementing computer science in elementary school based on thousands of conversations with educators. An iPad loaded with all of […]

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